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The Accidental Husband

Waardering: 2.8/5

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komedie, romantiek

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2 Meningen over The Accidental Husband

"Per ongeluk?"
Gezien in: Pathé Ede, Ede d.d. 19-9-2008

Ene kant best wel aardig, andere kant soms net niet natuurlijk (geloofwaardig) genoeg. Zowel voor de dames als heren voorzien van lekkere hapjes.

Waardering:  ***00


"Thinking Woman's Romantc Comedy"
Gezien in: Pathé Buitenhof, Den Haag d.d. 7-9-2008

While the reviews have not been so great for this film -- don't understand that myself -- this movie was amusing, entertaining, and fun to watch.

It may be a little bit 'highbrow' for the expectations of the normal romantic-comedy viewer; but, if you have at least half a brain you will laugh and enjoy this vehicle for Uma Thurman. The humour and the film in general reminded me slightly of a Woody Allen film. (There's a bite and an edge to it.)

There's a hunky hero, some good laughs, a handsome almost-hero and of course, talented and lovely Uma.

Waardering:  ****0